Jenny Sutton still life and landscape art
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Jenny Sutton Art: Distinctive Still Life and Landscapes

My latest work is inspired by my love of old weathered homes and farm buildings in Cornwall and the West Country, as I’m fascinated by the shapes, colours and texture of these timeless places. I have evolved a technique where I draw with intense scrutiny and then interpret the pleasures and surprises I have found using a bold broken outline combined with paint in a limited earth palette applied with palette knives as well as brushes and rags. Sometimes the outline remains as part of the image, at others it becomes absorbed into the body of the paint, it just depends on how I want to convey my subject.

Although my source material is sketches and photographs taken on location, most work is produced in the studio.

Still Life

Still life has been my main focus for more than 20 years, and I never tire of the delight found in combining a few of the many pieces of china, baskets, terracotta, etc (which are crowded into my studio or kitchen) with a lovely flowering plant or the fruit and vegetables found in the market.

These paintings tend to be worked slowly and with great attention to the overall design or composition. Lighting and shadows also play an important part. But most importantly the colour palette used is limited to a small range of colours. This produces, I believe, a calm harmonious result.

I work in oil on gessoed board, sizes range from 8” x 8” to 16” x 20”